OXY33-Scheduliser – Software application for Personal Trainers and Coaches.

As we get closer to the beta launch of our new web app – OXY33 Scheduliser, I look back and think of how this idea came about.  I have been a Personal Trainer for more than 8 years now. I also work in IT Product and Service Management, a full-time position for an organisation in Melbourne. This means I must manage my client's and my time effectively and efficiently. The workouts must be pre-planned based on client’s requirements, the time, place and money must be fixed and tracked. Doing this with multiple clients is often time-consuming and confusing.

As the number of clients grew, I started exploring many online management applications to organise my time and workouts effectively – some of these products did offer what I was looking for but at a very high subscription cost! Also, as you may know, most of these apps allow restrictive client management and you pay a significant amount for adding extra clients. Besides, some applications can only be used in certain platforms (i.e. iOS or Android).

As the fitness industry is growing rapidly, we recognise there is a need for a streamlined digital software to manage clients and organise appointments for fitness enthusiasts. With all these considerations, we wanted to build a web platform for fitness professionals that would be simple, elegant and powerful in managing clients and appointments at an affordable subscription fee and could be accessed from any smartphone. And this is how we conceived the idea of creating OXY33-Scheduliser – An app that would offer a great experience for the Personal Trainers and Coaches to ease their day-to-day operations.

Let’s look at the OXY33-Scheduliser.

Tailored solution for Personal Trainers and Coaches - A web app that assists trainers and coaches to manage their clients, organise appointments and training programs efficiently. Also, is easy to use. 

Step 1: Sign up and add clients - Add client details, track weight, fitness goals, training history and other key health information.

Step 2: Manage client appointments - Schedule, manage and share client appointments.

Step 3: Set up training programs - Add and share personalised training programs with your clients.

Step 4: View payments - Track client payment status.

Our mission is to build a quality user experience product at an affordable price for fitness professionals.

Our core brand values are Customer Satisfaction, Quality, and Affordability. You don't need to spend a fortune to get your business digitalised. Scheduliser is affordable making it possible for small business too.

If you are a fitness professional, sign-up for a free trial. The first 100 trial subscribers will receive FREE 3- months basic subscription and a pair of Performance Grips.

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About the Author: 

This article has been written by OXY33 founder Yogi Jayapal - a certified Personal Trainer and Weight Loss Consultant. He is also the founder of OXY33 Pty Ltd and is based in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. In 2017, Yogi competed under fitness modelling category for ICN federation and came in 2nd place.


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