How to get rid of Calluses?

Hitting the gym and pumping iron can cause you unsightly and sometimes painful calluses. Read on for some tips to help reduce and prevent calluses from coming back.

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Callus or Calluses is a section of skin that has become toughened and thick because of friction, pressure, or irritation (Medical News Today). Calluses are also known as “Gym Hands” happens due to various types of strength or weight training activities,  especially in lat pulldown and pull-up exercises, kettlebell and deadlift training, It’s through these activities that put pressure on hands and pinching of the skin below the fingers, thus causing calluses.
Calluses are not entirely bad if taken care of regularly, it does not develop into a painful condition. However, when calluses are left untreated and the skin is dry, it can cause cracking or blistering and may result in bleeding and can cause pain. 
It is important to note that, calluses cannot be removed completely when performing strength or weight training. Adapting a few trusted remedies and using appropriate weightlifting accessories can certainly prevent forming calluses.
Let us discuss some ways of managing calluses; 
  • Reduce the sweaty hands–We have all seen people using dry powder to combat the sweat, while it can help, using powder does not give you a steady grip. Instead, keep a dry towel at arm’s reach and wipe your hands dry before and after every rep. Lesser the sweat, faster your calluses heal. 
  • Soak, Scrub and Moisturise – After your training session, soak your hands in warm water for 15 minutes. Add Epsom salt to the warm water. Soaking will soften your hands and then use a natural fibre scrub or a pumice stone to gently rub over the toughened skin to remove all the dead skin. Always moisturise after soaking and scrubbing.
  • Make Moisturiser your best friend – Keep a good hand moisturiser with you. Every time you wash hands, moisturise your hands to keep them from getting too dry. Also, remember to use a gentle hand cleanser.
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