OXY33-Scheduliser – Software application for Personal Trainers and Coaches.

As we get closer to the beta launch of our new web app – OXY33 Scheduliser, I look back and think of how this idea came about.  I have been a Personal Trainer for more than 8 years now. I also work in IT Product and Service Management, a full-time position for an organisation in Melbourne. This means I must manage my client's and my time effectively and efficiently. The workouts must be pre-planned based on client’s requirements, the time, place and money must be fixed and tracked. Doing this with multiple clients is often time-consuming and confusing. As the number of clients grew, I started exploring many online management applications to organise my time and workouts effectively – some...

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Personal Training and Nutrition for Good Health

Training hard in the gym and still not achieving the desired body? Read on to know what may be missing from your fitness and health routine.    Terry came to me a couple of years ago with a single goal of losing weight, he had been on various diets, but the weight kept coming back. He was already working out in the gym for several hours every day and barely ate, he took several supplements to compensate for the nutrition. He failed to realize how undernourished and overexerted his body was and how this resulted in irritability and low energy in Terry.   As a Fitness Coach (and a Personal Trainer), I often come across clients like Terry who are...

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Why Performance Grips?

Why Performance Grips. High grade 100% natural rubber. Buffed on both sides for better grip strength. Size – 120mm(L) x 100mm(W) x 3mm(T) – It can be cut to size for smaller hands Product pros: Clean lifting without losing grip Prevent calluses forming Avoid wrist pain with lifting straps Potential to lift heavier High quality and long lasting Environmental pros: Clean - Chalk powder not necessary Hygienic - Doesn’t hold moisture Technical specification pros: Tensile strength - 170 kg/cm2 Elongation at break – 650%

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